Safety Systems in Paragliding

A paraglider is a true wing, it flies when the airflow over the aero foil is laminar. It’s a flexible wing and due to this characteristic, paraglider pilots must fly there wings carefully. The relative airspeed of the wing and angle of attack need to be controlled by the pilot using the brakes constantly and this […]

The Ascension Creed

the ascension creed – a faster beating hearta firm grip on the risersthe moment of a huge transformation is herenerves n confidence collidethen faith n will combineto pull the wings overheadevery take off is a tie with the fatebut the sensation of getting airborne isunparalleled, indescribable n unmatched an immensity takes over ones beingn as […]

An emerging new world

Will you help? We have all heard and even know to an extent that the true Light lies within us all. We simply haven’t had the time  or inclination to explore this truth. Many reasons but simply put we have been caught in our own mental illusions. We may continue our individual struggles in the […]