Day 10 -Glorious Day – Thermalling & XC course, Billing

DAY 10 : The Glorious Day – Himalayas, the highest & the holiest, the youngest & the most revered have attracted the adventurers and the seekers of truth alike. These great mountain ranges have responded to all who have called on them with a pure intent. More often than not ww have encountered the limitations […]

Day 4 : SIV

The Grand Finale – Stalls, Spins & Reserve Parachute Deployments. Most SIV pilots are now comfortable with doing a full stall, hold the wing in tail slide (back fly) for a bit and then ease off to a punchy dive & a safe Recovery. Karthik,  Sajid, Imran, Alok, Imad & Instructor Jitu are glad to […]