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SUPER COOL NEWS : Got elected in the elite ” Pedagogical Committee ” of APPI with 100% votes from its existing members. A sole Asian in the pedigree of experts dominated by 4 French , 2 English, a Swiss and a Spaniard. Indeed a great privilege but I am more happy that our beautiful sport will have a sound education system at the Pro Level, worldwide. This will also help the sport spread globally, making it easy for pilots to fly anywhere.

The Experimental 4 years are now behind for a young organisation like APPI and now for the past two years intensive work is going on to clean up and consolidate the system. At the Professional Level, all Instructors and Tandem Pilots will need re evaluation and old certifications would not apply. To facilitate this, Pro Workshops for Instructors and Tandem Pilots have been organised in different parts of the World. The Pro Workshops are organised by the Pedagogical Committee of APPI headed by the frenchman Monu Bonte. These Pro Workshops last 8 to 10 days to provide and prepare Instructors and Tandem Pilots to be on the top of their game and be updated with the latest developments in all aspects of our sport. The last few days are dedicated to Written, Oral and Practical Assessment, Evaluation & Examination. Instructors are separately evaluated by Master Instructors with their students in the field. The Standards are reasonably high now for both Instructors & Tandem Pilots to achieve validation & International Licenses.

I am glad that there is an International Organisation like APPI that is solely dedicated to the Education of Paragliding and brining the best together to promote the sport worldwide in a PADI like manner. Although FAI only looks at Competition & Records, APPI now has World Champion & Manufacturer of BGD as the FAI Representative for APPI. Although several countries have there National Associations, APPI is being adopted by many countries worldwide including top paragliding countries like Switzerland.

APPI is the future because it connects Professionals & Recreational Pilots worldwide. It is making efforts for Insurance Solutions for pilots worldwide which will be hugely beneficial for Pilots & Professionals in countries where its hard to get world class Insurance services. With your APPI License and Insurance it would become really easy for travelling pilots. APPI’s growing network in 43 countries, of 183 Schools worldwide and 347 Instructors will connect pilots in a revolutionary way.

I am now working towards organising a Pro Workshop for Instructors & Tandem Pilots in India as only those Master Instructors that are qualified to conduct these Pro Workshops can. This will give an opportunity to Indian Professional Instructors & Tandem Pilots to appraise themselves of International Standards and get such a Qualification that will be recognised worldwide across APPI’s network.

APPI Secretary Chris explaining the System changes
APPI President David Aurofat sharing the philosophy & vision

Master Instructor Mattheu Abrard briefing Tandem pilots of the Exam Tasks

APPI Pro-Worksop in progress

The way to Trim your glider by yourself

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