Paragliding in Asian Games 2018 First time ever!! – All you need to know.

The 2018 Asian Games was one of its kind as it was first time that this multi-sports extravaganza was split between two locations: the Indonesian capital, Jakarta and the South Sumatran capital, Palembang. In a game of many ‘firsts’, the headlines was snatched by Paragliding, which made it’s debut in Asiad for the first time since 1951. For the […]

Swiss Glimpse

Swiss Glimpse_TemplePilots

Interlaken is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Europe – Jungfrau (4158mts), Monch (4107mts), Eiger (3970mts), Schreckhorn (4078mts) & Breithorn (3782mts). Some of the most popular sites are around Interlaken. The twin lakes of Thun & Brienz with their emerald blue waters are a sight to behold from the skies. Inflight Experience : Beautiful […]

Radio interview for Apocalypse Naths

Radio interview for Apocalypse Naths_TemplePilots

It’s fascinating to look back at life & choose 10 songs that mark or highlight different aspects of your life as you grew into today.Thanks Nathalie Archer for interviewing me on your UK Radio program Apocalyose Naths TO THE INTERVIEW HERE : Avi Malik is Nathalie’s survivor on Apocalypse Naths. Avi is together with his wife Anita […]

SIV 2017 BILASPUR – DAY 2 & 3

Day 2 – High Octane, High Adrenaline, Full Action & Drama_TemplePilots

Day 2 & 3 – High Octane, High Adrenaline, Full Action & Drama. We did over 30 Full Stalls on day two, all with good exits & recovery save one splash in the lake. Shantanu just didn’t want to go into the water & he happened to be the first one. He didn’t deploy the Reserve either […]

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SIV 2017 Bilaspur – Day 1

Day1_Advance Safety & Skills Clinic : SIV Course, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh_2017_TemplePilots

Advance Safety & Skills Clinic : SIV Course, Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. DAY 1 – We started with Pitch Oscillations, Asymmetric Deflations & turns, Symmetric Collapses, B- Line Stalls, Progressive Spirals & Exits, Wing Overs & Rear riser landings. Big day as most pilots got three flights each on the first day. To learn to check […]

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A beautiful day in the sky_TemplePilots

A beautiful day in the sky – On the main spine the cloud tops were reaching upto 3200 but in the back mountains I could reach 4000+ meters & more was possible. Fun flying with Jets & Sach and the Himalayan Griffin Vultures. Once I was with five in the back mountains, beautifully carving the […]

Back In The Skies : Bir, Himalayas!

Season warm up for Sachin, Jitendra & Avi_TemplePilots

Season warm up for Sachin, Jitendra & Avi. It’s always beautiful in the mountains & it’s always a joy to be in the sky. We couldn’t be happier.. The Forecast & the Flying – High pressure in the mountains & Low pressure in the flats. Meteo forecast said no cloud development but there was plenty after 12 pm. Thermal […]