Dehradun Paragliding

Whoever wants truth and light will find it for themselves
– Avi Malik

Classic Tandem

Sit comfortably in a seat while your pilot takes you higher in the skies. Flying freely in the sky with the most amazing views will give you the thrill & sensations you will never have experienced in your life before.
Duration: 12 - 15 minutes
Cost: Rs. 5,000 ( Inclusive of site transport)

Advance Tandem

Along with a longer duration flight, your pilot will explain how the controls work in flight. He will also give you the controls for you to get a taste of what it is like to fly by yourself. You can taste the thrills and rush of adrenaline with high speed acro manoeuvres.
Duration: 20 - 35 minutes
Cost: Rs. 8,000 ( Inclusive of site transport)

What to Wear

You need to wear a T-shirt, full pants(No saree/skirts), shoes (please avoid chappals) and a cap. You also need to carry sunscreen, glares, snacks and a water bottle and a Camera to take pictures!

Very Important

Please avoid flying immediately after taking food. Leave at least 1-2 hours gap.

We recommend participants with a heart ailment and epilepsy to take medical advice before doing the activity of Paragliding.

Dehradun Paragliding - Temple Pilots
Dehradun Paragliding - Temple Pilots
Dehradun Paragliding - Temple Pilots

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