i have been wanting to present this for quite a while. Since its not easy to reach out personally to all Club Pilots and License Holders, this would help everyone to self assess and make well informed decisions.
In most countries, an APPI License & Insurance are sufficient to get you flying.If you need a License of a particular country then you can contact an APPI Pro in that country to help you get that License. When travelling, contact an APPI Pro who will help you to fly legally, familiarise you with Air Law & Regulations pertaining to that country, give you site info & familiarisation, site related Risks & Danger and get you further Validation of your License, if you are looking at that. 
All Club Pilots need to be clearly aware of their level of flying/Rating and stay within limits to enjoy their flying safely. Here is a layout for the benefit of all concerned.
It is rather embarrassing to see pilots taking decisions that are way beyond their limits and putting themselves in risky situations. They forget that they would not only harm themselves & their near and dear ones but bring a bad name to the sport itself. This is to encourage ‘responsible flying ‘ since we have had several examples in the past & in the near past where some of us have clearly been pretty irresponsible & stupid. 
1. APPI Open Sky Pilot License ( P1 + P2 ) – The spirit of this Level / Rating / Qualification is that you are a Student Pilot & need further training to continue in the Sport.
2. APPI Adventure Pilot License ( P1 + P2 + CC ) or Club Pilot Rating – The spirit is that you are improving your skills and are on the way to becoming an Independent Pilot. As a Club Pilot, you can only fly under Instructor Supervision. You may have your own wing or you may be renting equipment from School. You need a minimum of 10 Day Training to reach this Level.
3. APPI PILOT License ( P3 Level ) – The spirit here is that you have become an Independent Pilot. Able to fly without Supervision at your Home Site. For other sites it is highly recommended to choose places where there is an APPI Pro available, to help & guide you Or a Professional to help n guide you. There may be sites where you need Supervision for a day or two & there may be sites where you need proper training to fly these new conditions.
4. APPI ADVANCE PILOT ( P4 Level ) – There is no Training Course for this Level. You are own your own & once you fulfil all the Requirements of this Level & Pass your written Exam, you can get your Validation from your APPI Instructor. Few Requirements include an SIV Course & three XC flights over 20 Kilometres etc. The new Requirements will be out soon. APPI Advance Pilot is the Minimum Requirement before you go Pro in the Sport. 
This is also the basic Requirement to apply for your OSTP (Open Sky Tandem Pilot) Course & Certification. As an APPI OSTP Validated pilot, you are allowed to fly only licensed pilots. I hope this will help all pilots and the Senior Pilots & Mentors to guide those new in the sport. I am sure you may have questions & clarifications, I will be happy to answer any. 
Cheers and happy flying smile emoticon

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