Temple Pilots in Dehradun Now! – Avi Malik

The New Year brings us brand new opportunities & blessings. Already we are overflowing with gratitude with all the gifts of Grace upon us.

My First Flight was full of wonder & delight. My new Wing is like a Tesla prototype with AI on-board finding thermals all on its on. The Advance Omega X-Alps 3 is of the Avatar’ Status from all the wings I have ever flown.

Then I have never ever flown with so many birds in just one flight. I must have flown with over twenty in a span of two hours. On the eastern side of the Song Valley were the Mountain Hawk Eagles & on the western side was the country of the Himalayan Griffon Vultures, territories clearly marked.

The Cloudbase this day was at 1850 meters & it was easy to cruise towards Mussourie & float around on a sight seeing flight. The views were splendid to say the least, the joy of flying at a new Location in the Himalayas, the sight of fresh snow over Mussourie from the day before & over the stunning back mountains was a beauty to behold nature’s glory.

We’ve started flying Tandems as some of our Club Pilots visited with friends & family, introducing them to the high pleasures of free flying. We also conducted the first ‘Discover Dehradun’ Program for our Club Pilots from Delhi & Gurgaon. They all loved the flying here & happy to discover flying closer home in the Himalayas.
The main take-off ‘Hangfire’ is a perfect slope for an easy launch. It’s at 1100 Meters while the landing zone, a 200 meter long wide airstrip, at the riverbed of river Song is at an altitude of 700 Meters.

The way the landscape is of the Local Flying Area, is ideal to master your Thermalling & XC Skills. The thermals now a days are light & demanding, nice & easy valleys to cross & practice Transitions & more than enough birds to Mark the best lines. For the last month or so the cloudbase on the front ridge has been around 2000 meters while on the back ridge it’s been 3000 meters plus. It’s been steadily rising & we hope head there soon.
We have also found some high altitude take-offs (2000meters) for launching above the inversion days & back country Flying.

Please Contact Sachin if you wish to come n fly here. Quite a few Club Pilots will be visiting us on Weekends & we can arrange car pooling & travelling together for Club Pilots. You can come on Two-Day Weekend Trips for Training & Flying. You can also plan a Weekend Trip with friends & family for Tandem Flying for them & some solo flying for yourselves or even some Ground Training & Kiting Sessions.


Looking forward to exploring & discovering this amazing playground which is raring to open up for the pilots worldwide.

Big Thanks to our TP Team here Anita Deshpande, Pierre-Alexandre Sacre, Roland (Albania), Sachin Pathare, Avi Malik & Club Pilots Ashutosh Sir, Ritu Chopra, Dheeraj Singh Rawat, Yogesh Bansal, Sankar Kalyan, Shubhang Raturi, Vijay Jhanjee & Vinay Singh.

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