P4 Course

This Course is for you if you directly wish to reach the level of a completely Independent Paragliding Pilot. This Course makes you an autonomous pilot who will have the skills, knowledge, attitude, maturity & competence to take good & safe decisions to fly independently, anywhere around the world.

As a Licensed APPI 4 Travelling Pilot, you will have access to APPI’s worldwide network of Schools, Clubs & Centres to support your dreams of flying across the globe  – Avi Malik

P4 Course

APPI 4 progress rating is the proof that the pilot widened his level of autonomy. He shows a broader experience in terms of airtime, practices but also different environments.

Even if APPI courses oriented to distance, freestyle or speed flying are open to APPI 3 pilots, it is an excellent step for a pilot to reinforce and validate his skills by reaching the APPI 4 level before moving on to more specific practices

Duration: 40 Days. The Course includes four extra days for rest in between your Training & for Bad weather scenarios. So, you needn’t come with extra/spare days like for other Courses.



  • To enroll in an APPI 4 progress course, an individual must:
  • Be certified as an APPI 3 pilot or be holder of a rating equivalent to FAI IPPI 3.
  • Be holder of both Dynamic Soaring and Thermalling certifications.
  • Have the minimum age in accordance with local rules (Federation/ Civil Aviation/ Army, etc), and have the authorization of a parent/guardian if of minor age.



  • The training includes theoretical knowledge about weather, mechanics of flight, air-laws, piloting and equipment. Ability to assess dangerous situations and make good decisions.
  • The mental part is about Risk management, self evaluation techniques and planning of the pilot’s own progression.
  • In the field, ground handling skills are pushed to the next level, the pilot will learn how to master a flight, from weather analysis to performing flights on an unknown site independently with a good level of safety.



  • Pilots must have recently passed the APPI 3 pilot theoretical exam.
  • Minimum experience: 50 flights, 30 hours on 3 different sites. Those flights must be commented on in the logbook.
  • Practical evaluation is freely performed by an APPI instructor who assesses the maturity of the pilot and his level of autonomy in different environments.



  • APPI 4 Progress pilots can fly fully independently.
  • Flying at different sites, APPI 4 Pilots are recommended to choose places where they can receive the assistance of fellow pilots.
  • In any APPI School around the world, they will be welcomed by the APPI professional and get the essential information in order to fly the plane safely.



  • Cross country and performance classes
  • Freestyle and acro classes
  • Speed flying
  • Handifriend
  • many options are available in the APPI system



  • APPI 4 Progress pilots.
  • Must carry a certified emergency parachute for high flights.
  • Must report in the APPI system of accidents when involved.
  • Must contract a third party liability insurance if available.
  • Must respect the rules and regulations of the countries they are flying in.
  • Must keep their logbook updated.

APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI organization and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done unless APPI certification is recognized by local authorities. Check with them if such an agreement exists.

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