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I stepped in Temple pilots with a lot of questions mainly concerned about my safety. But my first interaction with the instructors reassured me that I was in the right place and amongst the right people. Over here safety is always first and that is certain to boost your confidence in yourself as well as your school.

From the owners, Avi sir to Anita ma’am, to the instructors the passion of flying is in abundance and it will certainly suck you in.

During my 3 day P1 course I was trained by the best! The whole course is structured very beautifully for you to acquire the required skills. From the training at the hill to the classroom sessions and offcourse the debriefs-the best part of the training for me- everything is so very professional. The instructors will remember everything you did at the training hill and will make sure you know where you went wrong and what you did right.

In spite of all this the instructors are more like friends and the owners like family. Anita ma’am is the live wire at Templepilots. She keeps everyone going and Avi sir is the genius that he is at flying!
With like minded people from various walks of life and age groups, lovely food and spiky around it is an awesome place to be.
Cannot wait to start my P2 course at the soonest!!!

Chaitanya A


4 Day P2- Novice Pilot_Krutika Ravi Shankar_Temple Pilots

Seriously, you can’t. They have fantastic instructors, a well-designed course curriculum and an incredibly beautiful flying site (Lake Pavna).

I spent about 8 days here in April & May 2018 completing the P1& P2 courses. Paragliding is an extraordinary, but somewhat tricky sport to learn and what is remarkable about Temple Pilots is that they never take a cookie-cutter approach to teach it. They are extremely flexible and tailor the course to account for a student’s individual progress and learning objectives. They have in-depth debrief sessions where students can discuss what they learned and what problems they faced and based on that instructors give detailed feedback and plan out further sessions to ensure that students get the most out of the course. What also makes a huge, huge, difference is how deeply passionate and supremely knowledgable the instructors are about paragliding. Their energy and and love for the sport is infectious!

Another remarkable aspect of the school is that they never compromise on safety. They make sure students have high quality gliders and equipment and never let students (or tandem ride customers) fly when wind conditions are unsafe – it doesn’t matter how unhappy the students or disgruntled the customers might be.

If you think it can’t get any better than this, it does. They have great on-site accommodation (a bit basic, if you’re accustomed to luxury), serve excellent food and there’s plenty of socializing and games in the evenings. To sum-up, Temple Pilots is Paragliding Paradise and I’m pretty sure Chris Martin had the school in mind when he sang “Para.. para.. paradise”.

Krutika Ravi Shankar


Nothing can match the experience of flying by yourself… The take-off from tall hills, a sound of the whistling wind, a rustling of the glider, turbulences, view of the tiny houses, fields & the roads, the landing against the wind…. everything

To get wings one needs to learn to fly and who can teach better than #Templepilots
It’s a pilot community run by dashing Ex-IAF fighter pilot Avi Malik & beautiful, extremely caring but firm Anita Deshpande with their band of expert instructors … Where safety comes first and meticulous attention is paid to the minutest details.

The place is full of energy. It’s almost like a mini-university where each corner has some discussion going on paragliding, there are theory classes, simulation training, tests (Oral & written) … There is no question that goes unanswered here. Undoubtedly International quality training for sure but still filled with fun, laughter, great food and excellent camaraderie.

After joining here I re-established my faith in my own decision taking capabilities
just completed CC and waiting to get back to Templepilots Paragliding ASAP so
I can complete other courses…

Kaisar K, Mumbai


1) This experience will transform you forever.
2) You will not be able to stop once you start.
These were the first word Mr. Avi Malik, the chief flying instructor at Temple Pilots, said to me. Now that I am done with my 3 day P1 course, I can say that he was spot on. I sure as hell am going back!

On the first day, I reached the place a little nervous and scared wondering if this was a good decision. But just a little while later, looking at the professional way in which the team at Temple Pilots goes about doing their work, made me realize that I couldn’t have chosen a better place.
Over the next 3 days, which were divided into theory sessions (this included video and simulator sessions) and on site practice, the team introduced us to this sport in the most professional and yet a very friendly manner. The team was impossibly patient with every single student pilot, making sure they get every technique right. Constantly motivating and encouraging me to push myself, they made me freaking fly! I am sure I haven’t come across a better group of instructors ever.
Add to this the really comfortable rooms for the stay and delicious meals 3 times a day and you just cant get a better deal.

So if you wish to learn paragliding, look no further. You will be in very safe and experienced hands at temple pilots.

Mohit Kankariya 11


I did my 10 day certificate course with temple pilots and it was a very enjoyable experience, I’m from the UK and was a bit concern that the safety standards would not be there, but I was very pleasantly surprised at the extremely professional but friendly approach to teaching they employ. We had de-briefs at the end of each session of flying practice where any mistakes or question could be discussed and helpful advise given so that the maximum learning was possible each time. I found this particularly helpful and it allow me to learn very quickly so that I was able to have my first soaring flight for 1 hour (Epic!) by the 4th day, after many shorter duration flight starting from day 2. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn paragliding in a fun, friendly environment with experienced and helpful teachers.

Roger M


If you are looking for one of the best paragliding school in the world, Templepilots in Kamshet is the place for you. I learned paragliding at TP three years ago and since then have interacted with many schools all around the world. TP is hands down one of the best schools with wonderful, and experienced teaching staff who make the entire learning process so easy and fun!

The course and the learning was streamlined for best learning experience. The instructor to student ratio was very good and utmost care was taken for personalized learning with continous/daily feedback to keep improving as you go. I keep coming back to this school to learn more and enhance my skills.

Special note for Avi/Anita – the owners of TP. Their dedication, and commitment is unmatchable. They run the organization with so much love and passion, that it instills love for this wonderful sport in every interaction. The professionally, facilities, and training, is world class and I would highly recommend this school to any one who want to explore this wonderful sport!

Sadik Keshwani

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