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If you are already a pilot and have your own equipment  you want to join APPI | FAI License  but You don’t have any certification. Now you can join APPI in India .


Pilot Evaluation : Any pilot can apply for APPI/FAI-IPPI License.

How :  Contact Temple Pilots Paragliding an APPI school (5 star Rated Paragliding school) and schedule your APPI Evaluation & Validation with us to evaluate your theoretical knowledge as well as your practical skills and validate yourself at the level corresponding to APPI standardsPilots will be enrolled into the APPI System based on the result of the practical and theoretical evaluation as per their level by Avi Malik (APPI Master Instructor )

Step 1 : Please visit & see what Rating/Level do you wish to apply for. You can apply for any of the following Levels –


Step 2 :

Please send us your credentials. –

Certification Proof (if any) : YES/NO
Pilot Level :
License no. :
License Name :
Contact/Reference of Last Instructor :
Tasks Completed :
Trained by (School /Instructor, Name, Number & Location) :
Advance courses If Any (Name , Date & Instructor ) :

Step 3 :

Please email the following as a proof for your flying experience & level –

Flight Log (log book) (if any) : YES/NO
Total Flying Hours (Proof) :
Number of flights (Proof) :
Last Flight (Date/Location) (Proof):
Currency :

Emails to be sent to

Step 4:

After approval please book your choice dates depending on availability for your Evaluation for the Level you have chosen to apply for with our team. The Evaluation will take a minimum of 02 Days & maximum of 03 Days depending on Exercises achieved & weather & site conditions. The Pilots will be examined on Theory Knowledge, Ground Handling Tasks, Practical Exam & Pilot Attitude exactly as per APPI Standards & Education System.

Duration : Please book for Minimum 02 Days & keep an Extra Day for Safety, just in case we are not able to achieve completing all the Exam Tasks.

Evaluation Fees : Rs.7,500/- per day + GST as applicable

Two Qualified APPI Instructors are Mandatory for Pilot Evaluation.

Important Notes :

  • The pilot must have proper Equipment for Evaluation. Equipment Inspection will be part of the Pilot Evaluation.
  • Above cost does not include – Any Training, Food & Meals.
  • Evaluation will only commence after full payment.
  • Evaluation fees are neither Refundable or Cancellable.
  • Examiner/Instructor’s decisions are final & reserve the right to cancel evaluation at any moment if the pilot is found to be unsafe or have submitted wrong/fake-information. You are liable to be Blacklisted on APPI System
  • Registration form ,Indemnity form, Insurance (for Outdoor Practical session), Medical Fitness ,ID Proof are Mandatory and must be submitted before starting the Evaluation.

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