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Your spirit and strength are all beyond comparison and words!
– Avi Malik

Club pilots the most difficult stage of any pilot’s career is after leaving school. You will have now bought your own glider, a new harness, a new helmet and new responsibilities without your trusted, dependable Instructor with you. The way to avoid all these problems is to join your local club and take full advantage of the coaches that are there to offer free guidance, help and encouragement to new pilots such as yourself. Temple Pilots Club – Here you will meet fellow pilots and coaches and will be given ways of contacting them on possible flying days. You will find that there are several other new pilots in the club, it is especially beneficial to team up together. You will also meet senior club pilots and volunteers organising social and informative meetings to make Club flying a fun, safe and enjoyable experience for all members. It is of great importance that you hang out with pilots who have a good attitude and help you develop as a pilot. Stay miles away from negative energy pilots who will only bring down your own energy levels. Make sure you have a good flying company of pilots who are competent and fun.

Join The Club

This is where you will mature as a pilot and make the best of friends. Temple Pilots Club Community is full of fun individuals bonded by one common passion for flying. The Club has Senior pilots, Coaches and Mentors to guide you with your flying and planning your growth and progress as a pilot. The club organizes fun events, parties and training clinics for its members.

Buying Flying Hours

We have designed a special package for pilots who are not buying their own wings yet. You can buy pure Airtime (Take off to Landing) and use it on weekends for your flying or as and when you wish to come to fly. When you buy flying hours from the School you not only continue your flying regularly but also enjoy supervision from your instructors in a safe environment.

Buying Your Own Wings

There’s no better gift you can give yourself than the “Gift of Wings”. This gives you the freedom to fly when you want and also the privilege to join us on our flying tours and fly at the most exotic of flying destinations. Further, you learn the most on your own wing and give yourself an additional impetus to go fly and fulfil your flying dreams.

Flying Tours

To various exotic locations in India and abroad. Once you are comfortable flying in your local flying sites you will soon learn to go fly new skies. For over 10 years we have been taking our Club Pilots to various sites both in India and abroad. The Temple Pilots experience truly comes forth in the paragliding vacations that we plan for our pilot friends.

Advance Skill Clinics

As and when you are ready and your Instructors suggest you may wish to choose to take a specialized skills training courses. Here’s what Temple Pilots has been offering its Club Pilots over the years.

Temple Pilots - Paragliding in Kamshet
Temple Pilots - Paragliding in Kamshet
Temple Pilots - Paragliding in Kamshet

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