P2 Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots

Novice Pilot

We understand that flying fascinates you and you now want to fly more. This course introduces you to the ‘art of soaring’ like birds. We now work on getting skills to become an independent pilot. You learn to fly higher & for longer duration. You begin to enjoy being in the air.
– Avi Malik


As a trainee pilot, you will learn to fly in stronger winds and plan your flight to stay in the air longer, learning the “Art of Soaring Flight“

It is very unusual for a student to lack the confidence to continue paragliding at this point – more often they are surprised at how quickly they are catching on and can’t wait to move to the higher flights!

Trainee paragliding pilots are provided with logbooks, certification books & flight manual.

P2 Course is designed to develop your skills as a pilot and make you more and more independent. The Emphasis at this level is not only developing your flying skills but also your understanding of the weather and flying conditions.

The Safety aspect of the sport is highlighted at this stage where we help you build the right and safe attitude to keep flying safely in the future.

Your Instructors work closely with you (one to one basis) on developing your decision-making skills, Attitude towards Safety, improving your judgment and polishing your flying skills to make you a safe and competent pilot.


1. Forward and reverse inflation
2. Canopy handling and kiting skills
3. Strong wind launches
4. Crosswind launches
5. Airspeed control
6. Active piloting skills
7. Roll and pitch control
8. Alternating S-turns
9. Weight shift turns
10. Ridge soaring
11. Extended duration flights
12. Hands off flying
13. Rear riser turns
14. Target landings
15. Flight planning
16. Flight safety
17. Safety rules & Ridge rules

P2 Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
P2 Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
P2 Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots


After your P2 Course, you can now apply for your OPEN TO SKY PILOT Rating and Sign Up for the 4-day Certification Course.

The Three day Club Pilot Rating and Certification Course is designed to help you complete all the required Witnessed Flying Tasks/Verbal Requirements/Logged Requirements and your Written Examination and get not only your Club Pilot Rating but your International APPI Adventure Pilot License.

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