7 Day APPI Open Sky Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots

Clinic Course

There is a big advantage to (P1+P2) continuity as your learning curve is much steeper and you achieve more as well. If flying fascinates you then it’s a good idea to take some time off to fly more and really get a deeper sense of this beautiful nature sport. You also earn your first flying License.
– Avi Malik

7 Day Course (P1 + P2)

This 7 Day Course is the first step one can take to achieve APPI Rating to become an APPI 2 Explore  Licensed Paragliding Pilot. As the name suggest it is combination of two courses Introductory P1 course and P2 Novice Course 


  1. P1 Course – Initial focus is this course is an introduction, a discovery, your very first step in the sky and into the magical world of free flight. In a short time of just three-four days you will be able to surprise yourself, feeling sensations never experienced before and be able to gift yourself an experience of a lifetime – your First Solo Flight.

2. P2 Course – Second part after successfully flying your first solo flight we will learn to start taking independent decisions & reduce the dependence on Instructors. We learn to start to feel the glider & develop the finesse for flying more precisely, practice weight-shift turns, learn to make independent Approaches & Landings, learn target landings and start to build a solid foundation for going further and higher in the sport with comfort and ease.

Syllabus: This course covers all that is part of the P1-Introductory course, P2-Novice course. However since there is continuity in the training one achieves much more in a 7 Day course in terms of a number of flights, pilot competency level and confidence to fly.


Flight Training

1) Site and Wind assessment - Basic
2) Ground Handling - Glider control practice
3) Take off & Landing techniques (Bunny Hops)
4) Flight briefing and mental preparation
5) Solo Flights from Training Hill under Radio supervision
6) Independent Pre-Flight preparation and Flight planning
7) Independent Solo Flights without Radio supervision
8) Independent Post Flight Procedures
9) Site and Wind assessment - Advanced
10) Independent Alpine Launches
11) Independent Approaches & Landings
12)Canopy handling and Kiting Skills
13) Strong wind launches
14) Crosswind launches
15) Airspeed control
16) Coordinated Turns
17) Alternating S-turns
18) Weight shift turns
19) Target landings
20) Flight planning
21) Flight safety

Ground School Training

1)P1 Introductory Brief
2) Personalized Briefing and Debriefing sessions
3) Basic Theory class - Introduction to Equipment and Aerodynamics
4) Basic Simulator Sessions - Solo Flight Preparation
5) P1 Basic Written Examination
6) Video Training Films with Instructor
7) P2 Introduction brief
8) Advance Theory classes - Capsule 1, 2 covering Micro Meteorology, Airmanship, Flight Safety, Aerodynamics and Psychological Aspects of flying.
9) Advanced Simulator Training Sessions - In Flight Maneuvers
10) P2 written Examination
11) Verbal Requirement Tasks as mentioned in the Certification book
12)Understanding of recommended operating limitations for the level

7 Day APPI Open Sky Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
7 Day APPI Open Sky Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
7 Day APPI Open Sky Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots

Templepilots has a fun team of APPI Qualified and Licensed Instructors with loads of experience in training. Their love for flying is infectious and they will go out of their way to make learning to fly an easy & enjoyable experience at every level. Personalized attention is given to each student at every stage of his learning. We like to teach generously to make happy, competent & safe Pilots. We look forward to sharing the skies and the joys of flying with as many as we can. Read more about our instructors at https://www.templepilots.com/our-team

APPI provides a paragliding license based on a high level of paragliding, and an education system that is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide, and partner Associations and Federations.

PROCEDURE TO GET YOUR APPI 2 Explore (In progress)-

After getting all your Instructor Sign Offs in your Certification book that covers
1) Witnessed Tasks
2) Verbal Requirements
3) Logged Requirements
4) Written Examination
5) Final Assessment by Senior Instructor or CFI

We look forward to fulfilling your dream to fly,
We look forward to making this an experience of a lifetime,
We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of free flying.


After your P2 Course, you can now apply for your APPI 2 EXLORE Rating and Sign Up for the 4-day Certification Course to achieve your APPI 2 Explore LICENSE & FAI-IPPI 2 Card.

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