Club Pilot Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots

Club Pilot

We understand that flying fascinates you and you now want to fly more. This course introduces you to the ‘art of soaring’ like birds. We now work on getting skills to become an independent pilot. You learn to fly higher & for longer duration. You begin to enjoy being in the air. 
– Avi Malik

Certification Course (CC)

You  now you know what the sport is all about & what it demands. We now go further on developing your skills, your knowledge & your attitude. We prepare you to fulfil all the requirements to become a qualified ‘Club Pilot’ and an ‘APPI 2 EXPLORE’ Licensee. You can now enjoy flying as a Recreational Pilot and be able to join us on some of our exciting Flying Tours in India and abroad. Your now Eligible for our Annual BALIBLISS’ Flying Tour. 

In these 4 days, you will be completing all the tasks mentioned in the Certification Book to get your APPI 02 EXPLORE Rating & Club Pilot Status. You will need to get all the Sign-Offs’ from your APPI Qualified Instructor for Witnessed Tasks, Verbal Requirements, Logged Requirements & pass your Online APPI 02 EXPLORE RATING Written Examination.

The Final Assessment is wherein your School’s Senior Instructors can confirm that the Pilot has the right attitude for the sport, has maturity that is commensurate with his/her Rating and has reached the standard of Airmanship required to fly safely and competently as a Club Pilot.

CLUB PILOT : You will now be part of the Templepilots Club Community and enjoy the culture & lifestyle of flying with like minded pilots.


Flight Training

1. Site and Wind assessment - Basic to Advance
2. Ground Handling - Glider control practice
3. Mastering Take off & Landing techniques
4. Flight briefing and Mental preparation
5. Independent Pre-Flight preparation and Flight planning
6. Independent Solo Flights, without Radio supervision
7 . Guided & Independent Approaches & Landings
8. Kiting Sessions for better glider control and active piloting
9. Instructional Tandem - To get comfortable with high mountain flying, soaring in the skies and advance manoeuvres.
10. Soaring Flights - Initially under guidance followed by independent soaring flights
11. Witnessed Tasks such as Big Ears, 360 degree turns, Target landings and as per the Syllabus Requirements mentioned in the Certification Book
12. Logged Requirements such as a number of Flights, Flying hours as mentioned in the Certification Book


1. Introductory Brief

2. Personalized Briefing and Debriefing sessions

3. Basic Theory class – Introduction to Equipment and Aerodynamics

4. Basic Simulator Sessions – Solo Flight Preparation

5. Basic Written Examination

6. Video Training Films with Instructor

7. Verbal Requirement Tasks as mentioned in the Certification book

8. Advance Theory classes – Capsule 1, 2 & 3 covering Micro Meteorology, Airmanship, Mechanics of Flight, Flight Safety, Aerodynamics and Psychological Aspects of flying.

9. Advanced Simulator Training Sessions – In Flight Maneuvers

10. APPI 02 EXPLORE License Online Examination

Club Pilot Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
Club Pilot Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
Club Pilot Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots

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