10 Day APPI Adventure Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots

Adventure Course

If you can manage your time then naturally, this is the best option. If it’s clear to you that you want to get into flying & you have always dreamt about flying, then this certainly is your best option. The 10 Day continuity will have you learn & achieve a lot quicker and take you the level of ‘Club Pilot’/ APPI Adventure Pilot’ directly. You can now think of buying your own wings and be able to join us on some of our exciting Flying Tours in India and abroad.
– Avi Malik

10 Day Course

If you ever dreamt to fly like a bird over stunning landscapes, then this is the course for you. Learn to paraglide from beginner level to soaring in the skies, aerial manoeuvres, independent takeoffs, site and wind assessment, decision making and all it takes to build a strong foundation to make you a safe and competent pilot.

Get trained under a team of qualified instructors training under the guidance of India’s only Master Instructor, Avi Malik. They will make this the most fun and unique experience of a lifetime.

  • If paragliding really excites you and you have already dreamt of floating long hours in the sky, then our 10 -Day Package is ideal for you.
  • 10 day course comprises three levels done together: 3 day P1, 4 day P2 and 4 day Certification course. The continuity of training for 10 days gives you the advantage of learning more and learning fast. Combining the courses means that you will do more without breaks and disruption in your training.
  • The goal would be to make you as independent a pilot as possible. The aim would be to teach you the necessary skills at a pace that best suits your aptitude for learning.
  • We believe in making learning a fun experience and what seems only a dream at first is achieved with ease. We supplement practical training with Ground School, Theory classes and, Simulator Training.
  • There are one on one Briefing and Debriefing Sessions before and after every Flight Training Session. We use Video aids to help you learn the concepts more easily.
  • Our core value is “ Safety First”.
  • We educate you about the risks and dangers involved in every step of the way to build a strong and solid foundation for you, to keep flying safely in the future as a safe and competent pilot.
  • You will realize that Safety in Paragliding and all adventure sports is a direct function of your attitude and the quality of your decision-making skills. We start work on the psychological aspects of flying right from the word go.
  • We have one of the biggest Club Communities of pilots who fly safely all over the world and in International Competitions.
  • After the completion of your 10 DAY course, you can apply for your 10 Day P3 Course to get the APPI 3 PILOT / FAI IPPI 3 rating.

Syllabus – This course covers all that is part of the P1-Introductory course, P2-Novice course and, CC-Certification course, however since there is continuity in the training one achieves much more in a 10 Day course in terms of the number of flights, flying hours, pilot competency level and confidence.


Flight Training

1. Site and Wind assessment - Basic
2. Ground Handling - Glider control practice
3. Take off & Landing techniques (Bunny Hops)
4. Flight briefing and mental preparation
5. Solo Flights from Training Hill under Radio supervision
6. Independent Pre-Flight preparation and Flight planning
7. Independent Solo Flights without Radio supervision
8. Independent Post Flight Procedures
9. Site and Wind assessment - Advanced
10. Kiting sessions for better glider control and active piloting
11. Instructional Tandem - To get comfortable with soaring flight, high altitude and manoeuvres
12. Soaring Flights - Initially under guidance followed by independent soaring flights
13. Initially under guidance followed by independent approaches and landings
14. Witnessed Tasks such as Big Ears, 360 degree turns, Target landings and as mentioned in the Certification Book
15. Logged Requirements such as a number of Flights, Flying hours and as mentioned in the Certification Book

Ground School Training

1. Introductory Brief
2. Personalized Briefing and Debriefing sessions
3. Basic Theory class - Introduction to Equipment and Aerodynamics
4. Basic Simulator Sessions - Solo Flight Preparation
5. Basic Written Examination
6. Video Training Films with Instructor
7. Verbal Requirement Tasks as mentioned in the Certification book
8. Advance Theory classes - Capsule 1, 2 & 3 covering Micro Meteorology, Airmanship, Flight Safety, Aerodynamics and Psychological Aspects of flying.
9. Advanced Simulator Training Sessions - In Flight Maneuvers
10. APPI Adventure Pilot License written Examination

About 10 Day Course :

10 Day APPI Adventure Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
10 Day APPI Adventure Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots
10 Day APPI Adventure Pilot License Paragliding Course in Kamshet by Temple Pilots

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