Paragliding Quiz

#1. What creates lift in a paraglider wing?

#2. What is the purpose of 'big ears' technique?

#3. What is the importance of a variometer?

#4. What is the most dangerous weather condition for paragliding?

#5. What is a "cross-country" flight in paragliding?

#6. What is "SIV" training in paragliding?

#7. What is the name of the phenomenon where warm air rises, allowing paragliders to gain altitude?

#8. What precaution should be taken when flying near power lines?

#9. What is the term for the angle between the chord line and the relative wind of a paraglider?

#10. What does 'rotor' mean in paragliding?

#11. What is the term for a paraglider wing's front edge?

#12. What is the term for the location where paragliders take off?

#13. What is the benefit of using a speed bar?

#14. What is an essential item for safety in every flight?

#15. What does "ground handling" practice involve?

#16. What is 'dynamic soaring'?

#17. Which material is commonly used for paraglider lines?

#18. What is the term for the practice of paragliding over long distances?

#19. What does 'wing loading' refer to in paragliding?

#20. What does "EN certification" indicate for a paraglider?



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