BALIBLISS 2023 : Satisfaction on Steroids !!

Top landing in Bali Timbis
Bali Paragliding Group Picture
BALIBLISS 2023 UPDATE : Satisfaction on Steroids !!
I absolutely loved the group energies & the high vibes, the laughter & the connections & the high volumes of flying & learnings.
Thanking all the Club Pilots who joined this year’s Fun & Flying Rampage in Bali.
We all had the time of our lives & the first timers got to taste how intense the holiday flying fun can get. The stats speak for themselves as almost every pilot was clocking their personal best airtime, every other day.
~ Club Pilots – 23
~ Total Solo Flights – 153
~ Solo Flying Hours – 178 Hrs 45 Minutes
~ Total Flying Days – 12
~ Washout Days – 0
It’s are utmost pleasure & privilege to be training the best adventure pilots in the country today. Thank you again to all the new Club Stars on the horizon – Nirav, Prasad, Nirmal, Abhishek, Abhijit, KT, Ahwan, Devansh, Mayank, Dheeraj, Chiru, Ragini, Sreeram Sir, Navin, Ravi, Bharadwaj (Birdie), Pavitra, Atish, Naman, Kushani, Pratik, Gunjan & Shreyansh.
Beautiful Bali Parag;iding
Big shout out to the TP Training team for amazing training Ops with 100% Safety Record. Thank you Anita, Jets, Vikas, Neenad, Mihir & last but certainly not the least Capt. Subhash G Deshpande.
I am glad pilots could clock serious airtime, get confidence flying at an international site with lots of traffic & sometimes pretty unruly, glad we could manage some top-landings at both Timbis & Gunung Payung, contour flying & learning to choose good flying lines, most could also practice good amount of manoeuvres from pitch & roll control exercises to Big-ear Reversals & Wingovers.
Thank you once again for a delicious memory of a lifetime & hope to seeing you guys in the Indian skies, the Himalayas or the Sahyadri Ranges.
Keep the free & frisky flying feeling alive..
Love, Team Templepilots 🙏💕

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