Radio interview for Apocalypse Naths

Radio interview for Apocalypse Naths_TemplePilots

It’s fascinating to look back at life & choose 10 songs that mark or highlight different aspects of your life as you grew into today.Thanks Nathalie Archer for interviewing me on your UK Radio program Apocalyose Naths TO THE INTERVIEW HERE : Avi Malik is Nathalie’s survivor on Apocalypse Naths. Avi is together with his wife Anita […]

Back In The Skies : Bir, Himalayas!

Season warm up for Sachin, Jitendra & Avi_TemplePilots

Season warm up for Sachin, Jitendra & Avi. It’s always beautiful in the mountains & it’s always a joy to be in the sky. We couldn’t be happier.. The Forecast & the Flying – High pressure in the mountains & Low pressure in the flats. Meteo forecast said no cloud development but there was plenty after 12 pm. Thermal […]

Redefine your possible | Avi Malik & Divyanshu Ganatra | TEDxDharavi

Redefine your possible | Avi Malik & Divyanshu Ganatra | TEDxDharavi_TemplePilots

Watch this talk to find out what it takes for a visually impaired dreamer to grow wings as Avi (Founder, Temple Pilots) & Divyanshu take us through a journey of redefining one’s own possible. Avi is effectively the most qualified Instructor in the country today. APPI International’s only Master Instructor in India, Avi is a […]


Day 4 & Day 5_Paragliding_Tour_2016_TemplePilots

DAY 4 & 5 : There’s an upside to everything. Thanks to Panchgani ban that sent us on an exploration to discover some of the most beautiful sites we have ever flown. Two days n two stunning sites, thank you poor governance smile emoticonGlad to see more club pilots Vistasp Kharas, Rohit Kawalay, Rohit S Bhadauria & Kartik Kathavate joining the action. […]