SIV / ACRO 2018

Temple Pilots APPI Advance SIV/Acro Training, Bilaspur 2018, Himachal – High Octane, High Adrenaline, 11 Days of Non Stop Action with 3 Back to Back Advance SIV/Acro Courses. 28 Pilots from our Club & other parts of the world pushed their limits & that of their Gliders to achieve high level of competence in their […]

SIV 2017 BILASPUR – DAY 2 & 3

Day 2 – High Octane, High Adrenaline, Full Action & Drama_TemplePilots

Day 2 & 3 – High Octane, High Adrenaline, Full Action & Drama. We did over 30 Full Stalls on day two, all with good exits & recovery save one splash in the lake. Shantanu just didn’t want to go into the water & he happened to be the first one. He didn’t deploy the Reserve either […]

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