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Our Bali flying holiday has a fine mix of adventure with a dash of luxury. Fun by the pool, lazy n long chats over a sumptuous breakfast to exotic massages n shopping along with flying the Bali Cliffs. Although our flying has been top class with first timers soaring for hours we have also witnessed flying with all kinds of pilots including some drunken ones taking off with a cigarette in their mouth. Over the past few days we’ve seen incidents n accidents that have reminded us that we never can ever take our sport and training lightly.
As our souls constantly seek better n better experiences, what has stood out for me is the emerging of small communities like our very own flying one. These are the makings of the new families of our new world. I hope my pilot friends will agree that we were all able to be freely ourselves, to freely express, share n enjoy our unique selves. There is an enlightened gathering, there is a natural acceptance, a celebration and a coming together, discovering together n tasting together that elusive n very essential something……..something like love.
My heartfelt thanks to all my dear friends who could make it to Bali this year.

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