A Paragliding Podcast with the Founders of Temple Pilots

Paragliding podcast with Avi Malik Temple Pilots Kamshet

A Paragliding Podcast ! With Avi and Anita. This is the dynamic duo of “Temple Pilots” which was founded during the time where adventure sports were as new to India as was the internet. They are the premier paragliding organization in all of Asia. And Above all are considered as pioneers in bringing this to India as a professional and standardized sport. You can hear the passion when they talk about the efforts and steps they had to go through in getting this setup, this definitely was a slow and arduous process but now they have a team of 20 instructors and have taken sessions all across India and abroad. If you have a paragliding bug then you would love to get in touch with them and definitely experience the thrill of flying!

Definitely one of the best episodes we have done so far, love their work, and love their outlook towards life!

Listen to this Paragliding Podcast here :

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