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Paragliding Launches Video

All about Paragliding Launches with Roland Dorozhani.

Dear Pilots,

Love n Greetings !

We are happy to announce the launch of our “MASTER CLASS” Series with its first Episode “all about LAUNCHES” anchored by, as thoroughbred as they get, Roland Dorozhani.

We will have professionals in the field for this Series. Talking on specific topics & bringing you focused insights while you get to clear all those niggling doubts about any & everything related that you never knew who to ask & how.

Roland Dorozhani, as some of you may have had the privilege of meeting. Roland is a Mechanical Engineer specialising in automotive with a 15 year career behind him. Last two decades his profession has been Paragliding. Right from the start he has been passionate about Acro Flying & has also Acro competed. His Professional Qualifications include APPI Instructor, APPI Pro Tandem Pilot, APPI SIV Instructor & APPI XC Instructor. He has participated in several APPI Pro-Courses & Workshops & also assisted, helped & conducted several Pro Workshops worldwide. For past two years he has been judging FAI ACRO Competitions as the Official FAI Acro Judge which is no mean achievement. His association with Templepilots began with a small stint in Dehradun where he also discovered his love for India. We hope to take this association forward in the seasons to come & you will certainly get to see for of him around.

Let’s enjoy this session on Launches where Roland. As he talks about different launch techniques, common mistakes & misconceptions, new tips n tricks, how to avoid incidents & accidents on launch & how to master those take-offs every time you launch. Let’s keep learning,

Team Templepilots 🙏❤️

Watch entire session on Paragliding Launches here :

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