All you need to know about Thermalling in Paragliding

Temple Pilots Thermalling Masterclass

XC Series to Episode 02 with the black art of Thermalling’.

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The most important skill we need to master for xc flying is how to climb faster & higher. Once you start to get the knack of Thermalling, it will easily become the most challenging & rewarding part of your flying. From the xc cracks to the world champions, all pilots are on this never ending pursuit of flying more skilfully.Climbing efficiently on these invisible forces of nature & sometimes in an elegant synchronicity with some eagles, will give you those unparalleled ‘in the Flow’ moments that will stay with you forever.It’s a huge subject of science, art & sport combine and it only makes sense for all pilots to keep learning on this amazing aspect of our flying.

Discussions from how to find a thermal, search for the core, efficiency of turns, active piloting, the best tools & techniques, tips & tricks of the game, gaggle flying, strategies & tactics, the secrets & the common mistakes, the myths & the misconceptions, the risks & the dangers, the Rules & etiquettes to scores of such related topics will be the focus of our attention.There is enough & more on the subject online on videos, websites, forums & published books, So the idea is not to teach in these Sessions but to answer questions, clarify doubts, share insights & dig deeper for the benefit of the participants.

In Part 1

we covered lot of ground from understanding about Thermals,

Types of Thermals, Thermal Cores

Thermal Sources

Triggers & Indicators

Various Thermalling Techniques

Steps & plan to solid progression

Mental Mapping

Centring Techniques.

In Part 2

Thermalling’s a huge topic & we had to devote at least two Episodes to understand the basic concepts before we move onto Cross Country flying as this educational foundation will help us to understand & grasp what comes next, way way better. In Thermalling Part -2, we will learn

Centring Adjustments

Thermal Drift

Gaggle Flying

Thermalling Rules & Etiquettes

Common Mistakes

Exercises for Mastering Thermalling

Thermal Traps, Risks & Dangers

Understanding the Weather & Preparation details.

Team Temple Pilots 🙏

Watch Thermalling Part 1 here :

Watch Thermalling Part 2 here :

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