An emerging new world

Emerging World
Will you help?

We have all heard and even know to an extent that the true Light lies within us all. We simply haven’t had the time  or inclination to explore this truth. Many reasons but simply put we have been caught in our own mental illusions.

We may continue our individual struggles in the dark or open ourselves to change and transformation. The choice is ours and every little decision we make determines our future.

More than ever before, the time has come to take the controls and fly our own course.
We are all on our own unique journeys, choosing different experiences that our best suited to our growth and learning, yet we are truly equal, essentially one. This enlightened perspective is our aspiration to bring more n more Light to our lives.

My invitation here is to empower each other and remind each other of iour higher cause. The new world needs to emerge and it needs those who are ready to receive the new light. It is upon us to believe in our potential and possibilities or keep doubting and perish.

Behind the appearances of the universe, there is a Reality, a self of all things, in the heart of all things, one and eternal. This is the Source, the Divine’. All beings are united in that one – Self and Spirit, but are ignorant of their true Self and Reality. By aspiration and grace man can become aware of his true self, the Divinity within us and all things.

A sincere heart is worth all the extraordinary powers in the world.

Aspiring to bring down a greater world,

Will you help?

On this blog I wish to share all I have and will have – thoughts, prayers, insights, perceptions and 
aspirations that will help us to go further on our journey. Together, laughing and dancing we will sing our songs along the way.

Sometimes we will meet

to celebrate our anonymous & inner revolution

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