Back In The Skies : Bir, Himalayas!

Season warm up for Sachin, Jitendra & Avi_TemplePilots
Season warm up for SachinJitendra & Avi. It’s always beautiful in the mountains & it’s always a joy to be in the sky. We couldn’t be happier..
The Forecast & the Flying – High pressure in the mountains & Low pressure in the flats. Meteo forecast said no cloud development but there was plenty after 12 pm. Thermal strength was not forecasted very high & as the clouds covered the sun that slowed it down further. It was quite hazy which would further slow down the updraft. 
High pressure over the ridges made the thermals stick but they were working with spikes of 4 to 4.5 sometimes. The cloud base was same as the take off and it was a lot of fun playing with clouds – dodging, dancing, ducking, diving in & out of the fringes & generally surfing around under the clouds. This was despite only 30% humidity & so the clouds overdeveloped only in the back country. Flats due to Low pressure had thermals releasing often but not consistent, pulsating, fizzy conditions and so it was fun for a while to fly in the flats finding thermals & improving our mapping & coring skills. It was over two hours of pure fun & liberating skyplay.  
We’ve gambled coming here & the weather is not top notch but the fun quotient & making the most of the given conditions is what we are on to. 
Tibetan town of Bir moves at its own meditative pace, a vast stillness rules the lovely landscape & everything is as it should be, with peace & plenty.
More from us soon & we hope to catch you in the skies.

Love n flight !

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