Bali Bliss_Club Pilot_Team_TemplePilots.
SUPER TOUR BALI BLISS 2018 was all it promised & more – Tons of Flying, Pure joy, fun & laughter.
TP Squadron in full force & numbers that exceeded our expectations.
Our Stats this year –
Total Tandem flights : 38
Total Tandem flying hrs : 13 hrs.
Total solo flights : 193
Total solo flying hrs : 163 hrs 05 mins.
Tour Flying Total :
Total flights till now : 231
Total flying Hrs: 176 hrs 05 mins.
Thanking all our Club Pilots who joined us & made it an otherworldly experience that it was for all of us.
Love n gratitude to Bali & it’s beautiful people

About Bali Bliss : The island paradise of Bali is listed among the top ten Holiday Destinations in the world. Add paragliding to this and the mix is heady. No wonder it has become our second home and our favourite destination for Paragliding Vacations.

Every year May through October the southerly trade winds roll in off the Indian Ocean like clockwork, making it possible to fly the southern coast of the Bukit Peninsula. The scenery is breathtaking, comprising of rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, blue seas, temples, and waves breaking over coral reefs make for a marvellous place to learn to fly or just relax and enjoy the view. Temple Pilots annually organises Paragliding Vacations and conducts Coastal Clinic for first timers during the monsoon period. (july-august)

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