Bir Billing Tour 2018

Bir/Billing Tour 2018 –

Come October and it’s a festival of colours in the skies in Bir as hundreds of pilots from all over the world come to fly the Dhauladhar Ranges of the mighty Himalayas. TP has been getting student pilots to Bir for over a decade now and it’s always a pleasure & delight to come back to this quaint Tibetan super small town.

From the past year we’ve introduced ‘Discover Panchgani’ & ‘Discover Himalayas’ Programs for Low Air Time Pilots ( APPI 10 Day Adventure Pilot Level ) other than the regular ‘Thermalling/XC Courses’ in Panchgani & Bir, Himalayas. We have now also introduced ‘XC Lite’ where we set small XC tasks & air- guide new XC pilots along the route to achieve completing these XC Tasks.

We’re on Day-10 of our camp-out here, the weather has been generous & the flying fabulous. We’re happy to introduce so many of our Club Pilots to the Himalayan flying & taking several others to the next level in their transition from basics of Thermalling to doing proper XC Tasks.


Bir Billing from skies –

Bir is transforming as a destination for pilots, trekkers & spiritual seekers of Indian & Buddhist thought. There are artistically done Restaurants & Cafés that have cropped up & it’s easy to find cappuccinos & carrot cakes, pizza joints & even South Indian cuisine. A booming Tandem business with over 150 Tandem Pilots keep the take-off & landings rather busy & interesting.

We have so far done 98 Solo Flights & clocked 71 Hrs of airtime. On their second day of ‘Thermalling/XC Course’ & most pilots could achieve over 20 kms & more in their first XC Task.

Very proud of all Club Pilots & others pilots from different parts of the world who joined us in these programs of ‘Discover Himalayas’ & ‘Thermalling/XC’ Courses. We had pilots from as far Egypt to Argentina, Spain to Netherlands & closer home Dubai.

Big shout out to all our Club Pilots – Ashish Singh, Ashutosh Chopra, Ritu Chopra, Chetan, Peter Piskora, Manohar, Kalyan, Raviinder, Jual Ahmed, Shabad Chand, Nagendra Pratap Singh, Shrikant Ram, Upendra Pandey, Hanoi Sophy, Salem Abed, Joaquin Astet, Jaidit Brar & of course Capt. Subhash Deshpande. TP Team – Anita, Avi, Jets, Sach, Santa & Vikas

We are looking forward to many super days of flying ahead & looking forward to welcoming more Club Pilots who are on their way to join us in Bir & several other pilots who will join us in Bilaspur for two back to back ‘Basic/Advance SIV & Acro Courses’.

It’s such a delight, unparalleled in so many ways, that we come together in some beautiful mountains & together reach for the skies.

We’re super excited to welcome a brand new, young n fresh Flying Season opening on the 18th of October 2018′.

Hoping to see you very very soon,

Love n light’

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