Bruce Goldsmith on XC, Safety and Design

Live session with Bruce Goldsmith

Dear Pilots, Love n Greetings ! We are pleased to announce our next Session with the Paragliding legend – Bruce Goldsmith (Bruce Goldsmith Design) !

As a sport pilot – he started with Hang Gliders & shot to the top of British Hang Gliding by winning the Superleague in 1991. He was on the British Hangliding Team for a decade & twice the British Hang Gliding Champion. In Paragliding too he was on the British Paragliding Team, winning the British Paragliding Championship three times & finally the World Championship in 2007. As a designer – he was the Founding Member of both Ozone & Airwave. He designed for Advance for two years before finally founding BGD in 2012. As a writer, speaker & educator he has regular column in the Cross Country Magazine & has authored two popular paragliding books – ‘The SIV Bible’ & ‘Fifty Ways to Fly Better’. He is also the current President of APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots & Instructors).

He now lives in the South of France with his family where he leads the Design & Development Team of BGD. I’ve had the privilege of interacting & flying with this living legend & without a doubt, Paragliding is in his DNA. Let’s enjoy an enriching Session this Sunday evening, 24th May at 6pm while Bruce talks the talk & Updates us on XC flying, Flight Safety & Glider Design. – Avi Malik (Temple Pilots Paragliding)

More about BGD

Bruce Goldsmith Design is one of the a leading manufacturer of quality paragliders and paragliding related equipment in the world. Inspired and driven by Bruce, the R&D department is based in the south of France where the sun always shines; distribution is in Austria, and the factory is in Sri Lanka. Know more about BGD & Bruce here Bruce Goldsmith (BGD Bruce Goldsmith Design)

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