Countdown Begins: Paragliding Season Opens on Oct 12th!

Kamshet Paragliding Season

It brings us great joy to announce our New Paragliding season starting on the 12th of OCT 2023

In keeping with Temple Pilots tradition, we have a new theme for this season. We feel it is a natural step ahead from last season’s theme, “Vibe Higher”, as it had resonated really well with our community of pilots. 

It kept reminding us to raise our vibrations no matter what and soar above it all.

Now, as we prepare to launch ourselves into the coming flying season, we are thrilled to introduce our new theme “Dreams on Wings” 
We look forward to embrace its spirit, both in the skies and in our lives. 

In our journey of growth and expansion, we understand that it’s not enough to simply believe in our dreams but give them real wings and let them take flight into the vast and boundless expanse of our imagination.

“Dreams on Wings”, we feel, celebrates the essence of Learning to fly, not only as a physical experience but also as a profound metaphor for personal growth, transformation and greater fulfilment.

Join us in the Skies
The sport of paragliding has something for everyone. If you are an old student come over to revisit the sky with us…If you want create magical memories with loved ones go for Tandem Joyrides with our Internationally certified pilots and world class paragliding equipment, take back videos and pics with a ’Selfie in the Sky’, If you are new to the sport, you will enter a new world that will in more ways than one make you feel like a free bird in the vast skies!

So get ready for take-off because this season, we are going to touch the sky with glory. 

This is an invitation to fly high, dream higher and give wings to our dreams!

~ Team Templepilots

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