Cross Country & Thermalling Workshop – Story of a 109km flight in Bir, Billing HImachal.

Xc & Thermalling Workshop

Our day began with Badari showing us his newest toy, and all of us became kids again wanting to fly the drone.
Then began the workshop. A beautiful initiative by our Senior club pilot Viz (Vistasp Kharas) about his epic 109km XC Flight in the Himalayas. He shared valuable information about intricacies of cross country flying and how to become a successful XC Pilot. It was a very well prepared session backed by visual informational charts that covered minute technical details on the map. He used Leonardo showing virtual track of his flight with details of altitude gained, thermal positions, flight path n valley transitions which made everyone present believe that cross country flying is challenging but achievable. There was an animated Q & A session later. Followed by a yummy lunch by kaka.
Thank you Viz for showing the way to aspiring XC Club Pilots.
Thanks to all the club pilots who joined us and hoping to see you soon again for next workshop on reserve packing to be conducted by Senior Club Pilot Rohit Kawalay.

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