Day 1 (Part 2) – SIV Mix

Lots of fun, altitude, adrenalin,  maneuvers n laughter. Rohit had a roller coaster ride with multiple stalls n a mix of interesting recoveries. Kaarthik had a massive asymmetric dive, followed by an obvious deflation and a cravat to add to add to his stress chemicals. He was surely high  as we saw him smiling in the middle of this high G chaos. Opposite weight shift & he managed to recover from the onset of what is a Pilots nightmare – a cravatted spiral. Sajid was happy to discover his rhythm in his wingovers. Viz was happy not to have switched from his ankle boots as they saved him a sprain on the steep launch. Imran was the happiest to discover that he can do stuff with his wing, and play in the sky. I smell acro genes here…..contd….
Badri’s going about his SIV in a proper proper way, he love to completely get it and so will take a lot away from his course. He’s taken some stunning pictures too. Alok is a Rockstar of sorts, very low airtime pilot but pretty quick on the uptake n very responsive in the sky. While all the aerial bash goes on Sajid doesn’t miss a chance to get everyone in splits. I am really glad Arati has joined us in the course to bring some sense and sensibility to this otherworldly SIV squad. Slowly but surely she’s pushing her limits and I very much hope that she inspires other girls in the country to take sport aviation. Gurpreet, our man from the big mountains, a class Competion pilot, among the top in the country & me are running this course together in Bilaspur. Jitu has become the apple of everyone’s eye. Its not an easy take off at Bandla, rather dicey. If it wasn’t for him, half our pilots would be very unhappy on take off. Viz has just taken off, just sorted a small cravat, he’s on course to the lake,  I need to go…..

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