Day 1 – SIV Course Bilaspur-Himachal

Bandla, the hill top, a 45 minutes drive Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, if developed,  has the potential to be an international SIV/Acro flying site. Even a direct sledge ride over the lake gives you 1500 feet to play. I am not sure how many months the flying season would really last.

The new timers were really excited about the 5,300 feet take off. The butterflies inside were already on wild flights and it was just a matter of getting airborne and getting the familiar n secure feeling of being under your own canopy.

I managed to gain height from some early thermals and  had lot to spare over the lake. I did a full stall followed by asymmetric spirals ending them with a loop (looping) Wuhoo..

First day SIV Maneuvers – We decided on Asymm…Asymmetric and Symmetric Collapses, with and without speed bar. Some pilots were experiencing riser deflations for the first time. Some pilots had done an SIV with me in Nepal. The experienced pilots held in the deflations longer to see and appreciate glider behavior. Beautifully the glider slows down n begins to dive on the collapsed side. The pilot counters the turn with his weight shift and checks with the outside brake and stabilizes his wing, on course. The dive generally inflates the collapsed side by now otherwise the pilot pumps out the deflation. With the speed bar, at a lower angle of attack, the deflations are more dynamic. Everyone had great fun !!

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