Day 11 – Thermalling & XC Course

DAY 11 : The Club Stars left us this morning. The main lead Sajid Khan, who naturally attracts everyone’s attention when he gets his act going. Mr. Perfectionist & very bright Rohit Kawalay, who is going to raise the bar in all aspects of Club flying. Sea & Sky adventurist Kaarthik Kathawate and the ” Current Hot on the Club scene ” our dashing Imran Khan. These are some of best hobby pilots in the country today. Their fantastic attitude, their care n attention to their equipment, their openness in sharing the psychological aspects of personal flying, their hunger for learning, their camaraderie & friendships, their humility and generosity to help others and most of all fly responsibly. I am a big fan of all these class pilots.
I must include Vistasp Kaharas & Remy Bertaud. Alok is yet a maverick flier with very low airtime & experience. It was five of us now including Instructor Jitu & me, back on take off on Day 11.
The flying conditions were similar to the previous day and the sky looked promising too. Easy and fast climbs and we were all at cloudbase, more worried about not getting into clouds. Vistasp who was assisting me in the course has become an excellent sky guide, he proved that with Remy the previous day but there are at the same time some signs of OCD. His victim today was Tamara, who he wanted to, so, guide. I was floating high and connected them like a true friend but unfortunately for Viz and I am sure Sajid, Rohit & Karthik will delight in this, his PTT gave way. Poor soul, he could now only receive and not transmit anymore. I couldn’t for the life of me guess why he was so quiet.
It was pleasure flying, my ppan was site seeing and taking pictures, which I did. I was calling out to Jitu & Remy aince we had packing to do and a taxi to catch in the evening. Remy had had his fill of flying, flying non stop for these amazing eleven days. Alok, the fearless one had conquered the skies. I am glad for Jitu qho flew like a star on the last two days and was happy with his XC flying. Vistasp Kharas had two more days left but the forecast wasn’t looking great. Here’s wishing this beautiful soul of a man & a very dear friend, last two days of amazing flying.
Its such a delight to read how Ganpat is captaining the TP ship on Tower & Girlfriend and how the team ia fairing with anita at the helm. Kamshet flying… we come…
to fly some more….

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