SIV is an intense course that demands pilots to push their limits both physically and mentally. They are exposed to high G- forces and high stress levels while performing instability maneuvers to better understand glider behavior and learn to react correctly in extreme situations.

The action is heating up and everyone is buzzing with a new energy. While some pilots are still working  on Asymmetric Deflations, others are moved on to B-Line Stalls, big Dolphins,  Spiral dives and Wing- overs. Some experienced pilots are working to master Full stalls and Recoveries. The sky has truly become our playground and the star of the day was the youngest member of our squad, Instructor Jitu, who after doing the most stressful task of launching pilots in weak & variable winds came over the lake to perform two Full Stalls with clean recoveries followed by some impressive Wing-overs….contnd…..

Aerial Action Heats Up – I am generally the first to take off so I can land first & resume my Radio Jockey role. GoPro On (everyone’s got one) & I am off. Mine is Hero3 Black, a precious gift from the senior Club Pilots and now I realise they want me to record SAT’s n Stalls for their evening viewing (a great tool for learning we realise) & entertainment. Rohit had instructed me to record,  with live voice over, Full Stalls & Flat Spins yesterday and today it was SAT’S, Deep Stalls, Asymmetric spirals ending in a loop followed by Wing Overs. I love these guys & learn an amazing lot from them. I enjoy doing acro and soon I am on radio with head skywards. Rohit & Karthik are doing independent Full Stall recoveries by now and their wing overs are going like the pros. Viz is getting his way around on his eye candy super hot Blacklight from U-Turn which has given him the hibbie jibbies on occasions in the past. He is swinging some good Spiral dives on it now. Sajid is onto Full Stalls with clean Recoveries & is loving the swing of his cracker wing overs. Badri is having the time of his life, pushing the boundaries constantly. Imran is on a roller coaster high, he is animated like never before after his action sequences in the sky. Alok is the Maverick of the course, nailing everything he is doing & slightly more. Patience is something he is unable to find his head around. Arati is getting braver with every flight & amused at the new things she can do with her glider. Remy, the indian frenchman is happy at himself and the new confidence & connection he is building with his new wing. Its good idea to do an SIV whenever you move or upgrade to a new wing. Jitu,  our lovely Instructor is shining more n more. Full Stalling all on his own the using the recovery dive energy to hook into a high speed Spiral dive. A very promising pilot indeed. Kudos to all paraddicted pilots. Stay high….

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