Day 4 : SIV

The Grand Finale – Stalls, Spins & Reserve Parachute Deployments. Most SIV pilots are now comfortable with doing a full stall, hold the wing in tail slide (back fly) for a bit and then ease off to a punchy dive & a safe Recovery. Karthik,  Sajid, Imran, Alok, Imad & Instructor Jitu are glad to have enjoyed doing their first stalls. They now have the huge advantage and the skill necessary to get out of extremely sticky situations. While Rohit n Jitu have become pros on full stalls, Viz is happy with the Stall n Recovery behaviour of his new hotship wing. While Karthik experienced a non simulated Safe Reserve Deployment landing on ground others were ready to maka a splash in the water. What fun !!
Rohit simulated Riser twists n Cravat management with Twists ( different from normal collapses/deflations,  when the glider gets caught in the glider lines n stays that way ). Imran was the first to go. We simulated an emergency (Asymmetric Deflation,  Dive & Rotation) & as I gave the command for deployment, Imran was quick to act. Soon he had his Reserve Parachute nicely inflated over his head. While he was busy deflating the main wing. He was ready to make the big splash as the Safety boat headed in his direction. He was followed by braveheart Arati Singh who too had a successful Deployment and later confessed it was her favourite part of the SIV. Alok simulated a Spin for his Deployment. He was followed by Imad and both had successful Deployments.
I have never been happy with the Bandla Launch Site, the take off is pretty dicey. Its a cliff launch, a thermal source, there’s a spine that divides two valleys where from you get different winds. It was a bigger concern for me than the SIV. Kamshet’s Strong Wind fliers get truly tested in winds. Badri had a situation where in he delayed an abort n slipped close on the edge. Lucky indeed to get away ( with an impact on the shoulder and hairline on two ribs ) from a big disaster. I am glad as a School we focus enormously on Kiting & Launch skills.
Badri got a sling from a very good looking lady doctor (as reported) & was ready to party.
Our landing area was a lakeside football field and this evening our wet gliders n Safety Reserve….contnd. .gliders and Safety Reserves had claimed it entirely. Pilots were inflating their wings n reserves and it was quite a show for hundreds of children and onlookers. The sky Stunts Party was now ending. Big thanks to Vipin & Vishal in the Rescue Boat. Gurpreet was smack on with the Rescue Operations. Big thanks to Balakram Ji & family and our site transport staff. It was time to say goodbye to our SIV & Acro playground, new adventures awaited us in the Dhauladhar Himalayas.

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