Emergency Landings with Jitendra Chindalliya

Emergency Landings with Jitendra Chindaliya

All you need to know about Emergency Landings in Paragliding.

WATER YOU GOING TO DO ? Dear pilots, Love n Greetings! And Yes, you maybe headed for an inevitable landing in water, in trees, on power lines or even on a road –

WHAT are you going to do ?

As a sport like ours irresistibly keeps compelling us to fly more n more it doesn’t fail in reminding us of the high risks & dangers we court. The Incidents & Accidents in Paragliding speak for themselves. It’s only wiser to be well informed & better prepared. In our next MASTER CLASS Series with Jets we talk about ‘EMERGENCY LANDINGS’. Where knowing your stuff can make the difference between life & death. We discuss sticky & emergency situations that we can find ourselves in and what are the best ways n means of dealing with them. What are our actions & responsibilities as a pilot in the event of an accident, an emergency ?

Blue Skies, Team Templepilots -❤️

About Jitendra Chindaliya – is APPI Pro Tandem pilots, Pro instructor & Comp Pilot

Watch entire Emergency Landings session here

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