Flying Update

Flying Update : last whole week has been a mixed bag of varying conditions but mostly awesome. It’s been easy to reach the Inversion between 11 to 2 pm. Mornings are hazy and at Inversion you see a very clear thick brown layer indicating high pollution levels. Days when the nights have been really cold, the thermals are more punchy n turbulent. Two class pilots from France, Pierre & Jullian, are doing their Open Sky Tandem & APPI Professional Tandem Pilots Courses. They are recently joined by our local hotshots Rohit KawalayKartik Kathavate & Sajid Khandoing the APPI Open Sky Tandem Pilot License Course on their Fun Machine – The Gin Fuse, latest Tandem from Gin. Tandem Ground Handling, Cobra launches, perfecting precise top landings & low wind landings down below have been the order of the day. It’s lovely for these experience pilots to fly each other n get a feedback on their flying styles. P2 n CC level pilots are getting their first taste of Thermal flying and loving it. I tried the Speed Wing Shooka by Flying Planet” n loved flying it in the super strong conditions on Tower yesterday. Was fun to SAT on Fuse with Sajid who also took me on an equally thrilling ride on his Tandem, as a passenger. These are beautiful days of flying, loving it…

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