Ganpat Reveals – From Schoolboy to Paragliding Instructor

Ganpat Reveals

Ganpat Newale Reveals – A Q&A session with Ganpat Newale

Dear Pilots,

Love n Greetings!

We all know this man & then, do we ? Ganpat has come a long way in his flying journey. An enthusiastic schoolboy who was fascinated seeing paragliders in the sky to a matured & thorough Paraglidng Instructor. Who knows how to keep his eye in the sky.

Each one of us may have learnt so much from this amazing man. Who is calm as a cucumber when it’s really needed and I am sure each of us would be interested to know what all is going on his mind when he has a dozen trainee pilots in the sky under his watchful eagle-eye-vulture-vision.Please come with your interesting questions to poke

Team Templepilots

Watch entire Ganpat Newale Reveals session here :

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