How are Paraglider’s designed & tested.

Paraglider's designed

Master class on How are Paraglider’s designed & tested with Philipp Medicus (Pipo).

Dear Pilots, Love n Greetings !

Paragliders’s are truly a marvel of technology. Above all, they have truly fulfilled humanity’s oldest dream of free flight. Therefore it is fascinating to discover wing designs and science behind them. And it can be equally fascinating to meet the genius’s who give flights to our dreams.

As Temple Pilots being the India Representatives of NOVA. The biggest brand in worldwide sales. We bring you Philipp (Pipo) Medicus. The Head of Design & Development Team at NOVA Performance Paragliders.

With Innovation & good Service, Safety & Performance NOVA continues to impress the flying world with its new & revolutionary designs in each Class.

A flying enthusiast from a very young age. Pipo started his designing career with paper planes & later RC planes. Watching flying as a kid he began flying sailplanes at 15 at a local club. He started paragliding along with Mechanical Engineering. And Started work with NOVA as Test-Pilot before switching to designing. Has great interest in the Science & the Technical aspects of flying. Hike & Fly is what he is passionate about now. However in his own words, “Being able to design paragliders, which I can then fly myself is something I wouldn’t want to trade for anything else.”

Listening to leading creative minds in the pg industry today. Who talk us through Glider Design, Research & Development, Testing & Certification, Performance & Passive Safety, Along with Innovation & future Evolution of our wings will not only broaden our horizons but also as pilots in various ways.

Never Stop Learning Team Templepilots

Watch entire session on how are Paragilder’s designed and tested here :

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