How to choose Reserve Parachutes in Paragliding

Reserve Prachutes

Reserve Parachutes session with Jitendra Chindaliya

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You may not want to miss this one as our Safety & Reserve Parachute is pretty much our last chance to save our life in an emergency situation & in fact our ‘only’ saviour when things go really bad for us in the air.There are various aspects that we as Paragliding pilots, must know & need to consider really well –

When to throw our Reserve?

How to throw our Reserve?

When to change our Reserve?

What’s Down-planing or Mirror effect ?

What are the types of Reserves ?

What’s the Certification ?

How to fix a Reserve?

Construction/Connectors/Materials/Size etc Common mistakes & dangers Reserve Landing & disabling Folding & Reserve Packing Care & Maintenance & many more..

There’s a lot on the subject & the more one knows the better. More solid a Reserve Parachute Deployment Action Plan a Pilot can have better the safety threshold & chances of survival.

We talked a great deal about all the good reasons for having a Reserve Parachute as an integral part of your flying equipment. We talked about different types of Reserve Parachutes. Selection factors while choosing a Reserve & discussed at length & in detail When’ & How’ to deploy your Reserve Parachute.


In Part-2 of the same topic, we covered the remaining aspects like

Post Deployment Procedure,

Down Planing / Mirror effect


Parachute Landing Fall

Maintenance & Care Certifications & Tests

Extraction Issues

Common Mistakes

Accidental Openings

Front Mount Vs Harness mount &

How to fix a Reserve . There is a lot on this subject that you may not be very clear about or may have doubts about.

We will always recommend a proper hang check (suspend your harness from a simulator frame, get in) and do a test deployment. so help become familiar with the angle of forces and mechanics of deploying. This should always be done with a freshly packed reserve.

Here’s an opportunity also, to learn from the experience of some senior Club pilots who have actually had to deploy their reserve parachutes in a real life emergency situation.

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Watch Part 1 of Reserve Parachutes here :

Watch Part 2 of Reserve Parachutes here :

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