Is Paragliding Safe?

Is Paragliding Safe in India?

Is Paragliding safe ? Whenever we think of any learning an new adventure sport the first think that comes to our mind is safety , it’s Risks& Dangers –

Is Paragliding dangerous?

Well Paragliding is as safe as the pilot in command. It is as safe as you want it to be. Paragliding is an weather dependant outdoor adventure sport. In which you are trying to harmonize with the forces of nature. Paragliding, just like skiing, rock climbing, scuba diving, kayaking and other adventure sports is not without some element of risk. However, flying paragliders can be as safe as flying any aircraft. which is safer than driving a car for various reasons. Paragliders fly much more slowly than a car drives. We don’t have to worry so much about the other drivers.

Fear has many faces, many forms, and we all feel its rush… but its how we deal with it that makes the difference. Fear do plays a big role in many aspects of our lives. It is a basic instinct that functions to keep us safe. Common to all adventure sports including paragliding, fear of heights or new experiences is natural and healthy.

In paragliding, fear is manageable and is an essential part of keeping us flying safely within limits…

Is Paragliding Safe in India?

That being said Pilots personal judgment and attitude are of fundamental importance. One must gain pilots attitude, obey instructions and use certified flying equipments. In addition the slow speeds and inherent stability of paragliders can provide a safe and exhilarating way to experience the realization of mankind’s oldest and greatest dream.

Risk Management

The key to safe flying is “Risk Management”. Risk is minimized by following the discipline the sport demands. Taking the right decisions based on understanding and knowledge of the variables involved in our sport namely:

1.  Limitations of your (the pilots) skill, knowledge and health (physical and mental)

2.  Limitations of the permissible weather conditions

3.  Limitations at your equipment

Is Paragliding Safe in India?

This is when training from right certified training school will come to your help. A safe instructional program is all you need to make you’re learning a fun and fulfilling experience. It is what will decide if you stay trapped in your fear or fly free..

When you learn to fly/paraglide you will begin your first lessons on flat ground to familiarize yourself with the controls of your glider. Gradually you will work your way up to a nursery slope to master and practice the take-off and the landing technique, assisted and guided by your instructors every step of the way. Your first solo flight will be an exhilarating experience as you float across from the training hill to the ground. when you learn from the proper school you will be flying in supervised conditions that are ideally suited for training i.e. mornings and evenings when the winds are mild and laminar.

As mentioned earlier, many of your decisions will be made by your instructors (using radios while in flight). And gradually you will be learning how to make judgments or decisions based on many years of experience of pilots throughout the world.

We as a training school, strive to cultivate an ATTITUDE of safety and encourage all our pilots to never stop learning. Know more about Temple Pilots Paragliding

Is Paragliding Safe in India?

So what do you think is paragliding safe?

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