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A beautiful day in the sky_TemplePilots

A beautiful day in the sky –

On the main spine the cloud tops were reaching upto 3200 but in the back mountains I could reach 4000+ meters & more was possible.

Fun flying with Jets & Sach and the Himalayan Griffin Vultures. Once I was with five in the back mountains, beautifully carving the same thermal. It was glorious flying with them & following them around the sky as they choose the best lines to fly. I feel exceptional happiness when nature gifts such spontaneous connections amongst its children.
The skyscape & the landscape spread endlessly and the mind had merged with it. No thought would dare appear in such pristine beauty and the little person (me) had dissolved into a vast presence, a me-less me.
There was grace, unfading joy and a heart full of loving gratitude.

The sky & the earth were smiling..

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