Mussourie Tandem Festival – Exploring new sites


Doon Valley Flying Update – The joy of discovering & exploring a new site is unparalleled. We have been here for over a week and its been one helluva ride. Meeting Govt. Officials, Forest Permissions, ATC meetings, press conferences, working on the Take offs n what have you. Flying here of course has pretty much made for everything. Touching cloudbase at 3200mts several times, flying over the Mussourie Hill station, soaking in amazing views of the doon valley has been a delig
ht. Downside for flying are hazy conditions reducing visibility most days n strong west winds in the afternoons. The test flights for Tandems have been good and we hope to launch operations in a few days time. Its tempting to fly XC to the east- north east with both the sun and wind on our backs. We take off around 11’ish and the take off is directly in s thermal stream, you launch n you shoot up. Thermals are little rough closer to the terrain but once up they are smooth, big n enjoyable not exceeding 3m/s. The max I saw was 4.1m/s. One can expect rather rough conditions in May/June with all the heat ascending up the plains but I guess haze is softening the thermal conditions. It rained last night with super strong winds clearing the haze to a great extent. Flying should be more interesting today smile emoticon
Love n happiness from the Northern hills !!

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