Namaste from Olu Deniz, Turkey

Skyplay over the Oludeniz skies, Turkey_TemplePilots
Namaste from Olu Deniz, Turkey : 
Had a full head rush first flight on my brand new Octane 2 Acro wing over the Mediterranean with a Full stall, Wing Overs & a SAT to boot in the end, just before landing on the beachside. After an awesome start to the season back home I am here on a Pro- Workshop of Master Instructors & the Pedagogical Committee to Certify Instructors & Tandem Pilots. The other business that brings me here is to be part of a radical transformational work in APPI that is going on at the moment. It’s delightful to be in the company of legends like Bruce Goldsmith, World Champion & ace designer, Jordi, the spaniard, a legendary Test pilot, David Aurrafat, President APPI, Manu Bonte Frenchman – President , Pedagogical Committee, Matthew, the Acro Master & others and to be working alongside them. The work is supremely enjoyable and intense. Happy to be here and hope to share a lot with you soon. Hope you’re flying – there’s no better way of seeing the world wink emoticon See you in the sky soonest !!

Skyplay over the Oludeniz skies, Turkey

With APPI Pedacom President Manu Bonte, Tandem Pilots field Exam

With APPI President & dear friend David Aurofat
Beachside LZ & some dramatic skies

The Classic Oludeniz crescent beach n the stunning view

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