Paragliding Flight Instruments – Rohit Kawalay

Live Session on Flight Instruments

We’re talking about ‘FLIGHT INSTRUMENTS’. – What’s the latest, what’s available, What do I really need, what’s best for me for now & scores of other questions regarding all these Flight instruments including Varios (Variometers), Altimeters, Alti-Varios (Altimeter-Variometers), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Alti-Vario-GPS combos (Alti-Varios with GPS) for paragliding. Flying since 2010, Rohit is a passionate paragliding pilot. who digs details & likes to do deep in all aspects related to flying. If I go Para-shopping for the latest gizmos he’s my ‘Go-to Man’ & may soon, I am afraid, become yours.

With a total of 700+ Hrs, multiple SIV’s & some Comps. He now averages about 80 Hrs a year. His primary playground being Bir, Kamshet & Panchgani, he has explored flying in Spain, Turkey, Nepal & Bali. He’s moved from EN A to mid B, to high B’s in first 8 years & then graduated to Low C & recently upgraded to a Mid C Volt 3 by AirDesign. He has evolved into a class pilot over the years. Who loves the journey more than the destination or any goals. Join us & Let’s enjoy picking his brains this weekend, Let’s keep Learning, Team Templepilots Paragliding – Writes Avi Malik

Watch entire Paragliding Flight Instruments session here.

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