Paragliding landings : All you need to know about

Paragliding Landings

Paragliding Landings by Roland Zorodhani.

Dear Pilots,

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Hope you enjoyed the opening episode of the FLYING WEATHER’ Series.

In MASTERCLASS’ Series we now bring you Episode: 02 “All About LANDINGS”. Roland Zorodhani FAI Acro Judge/Acro Comp-Pilot/Tandem Pro & APPI Instructor. He is happy to bring all his flying & teaching experience to share his perspective & insights on Landings with us.

Although you may have a choice in taking-off but landings are Mandatory 😉. Therefore we need to get our landings right, pretty much every time we fly & make an approach.

Paragliding statistics attribute 43% of all accidents to Landings alone.

In other words it will guide you in selecting appropriate weather conditions for safer & more enjoyable flights.

In conclusion, We’ll talk all about Landings different approaches & techniques in varying wind conditions & terrains, strong winds & nil wind landings, flapping & mushing techniques, downwind & slope landings, common mistakes, the top tips & tricks & the best practices to crack the code of good landings for good. Above all We hope that the knowledge gained will help you understand global, regional & local influences .

Soft Landings,

Team Templepilots 🙏❤️

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