Paragliding Weather : All you need to know.

Paragliding Weather

Paragliding Weather by Sachin Pathare

Love n Greetings!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Series “FLYING WEATHER” & we start with the first Episode on the Fundamentals, introducing concepts that will go a long way for each pilot to understand flying weather & forecasting.

Paragliding is an entirely weather dependent sport. In other words Paragliding is one of those hobbies that can only be done under certain weather conditions. One of the main concerns you might have once you have decided to fly is the weather conditions for paragliding.  Therefore, It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is for each pilot to develop their own instincts for forecasting weather. What models to use, which websites, global & local weather effects, regional terrain influences, reading a sounding & all such factors that help pilots to predict how a particular day will evolve for flying.

In conclusion, There’s a reason why best XC pilots always get lucky with the weather. Understanding the sky better makes all the difference between getting the best out of the day or feeling unlucky.

Let’s start this fascinating & unending journey of understanding the forces of nature & how the Weather to Fly’ works.

Choose to shine,

Team Templepilots 🙏❤️

Watch Weather session here :

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