Pawna Turns on!

PAVANA TURNS ONN Club Update – I hope you have been watching Pavana pics and drooling. Sorry to rub it in further but its enchanting to be flying at Paavana now a days. The WNW Winds work like clockwork and after 4pm its sheer magic to be airborne.

Big Congratulations to all the Club Pilots who are colouring the Paavna skies with their chic & stylish new wings now a days. Vishal Dadlani has just upgraded from ADVANCE Alpha to a swanky purple Epsilon 9. Eye candy of the sky is a blood red Rook3 from 777 that Karthik Kathawate is showing off a lot about. Ashish Gupta on the super colourful BGD Magic, Ashish Singh on OZONE Buzz5, Yusuf on Supair Eona2, Nishil on NOVA Ion4, Saad on a lovely red & white SKYWALK Arak and Anuj on an orange NOVA Ion5.

Its a delight to see the usual suspects at Paavana led by the spirited & spunky Sajid Khan doing Helicos on his freestyle glider ICARO Aquila, with a stall-back flying recovery inches above tree-tops. Pratik is really playing with his ADVANCE Epsilon9 after his Advance SIV Course & thoroughly enjoying doing some amazing wingovers. Senior Club Pilot Rohit Kawale is seen cruising on his XC machine AIRDESIGN Volt2, warming to head to the big mountains in Bir, Kangra Valley. Good to see Upendra too after a gap starting to enjoy his flying again.

Needless to mention Ofcourse our Inspiration-in-Chief Capt. Subhash Deshpande who is a true blue lover of the outdoors & now increasingly getting more n more passionate about flying. Paragliding now for last 11 yrs and having flown at Bali five times & Bir twice, his childlike curiosity and earnestness is enviable.

Progression/Basic SIV Courses – This the perfect course for low airtime pilots who want to up their skills to graduate to doing Thermalling/XC Courses or Advance SIV Courses. Going directly to an Advance SIV Course or to flying in turbulent thermals in a Thermalling Course maybe too much of a leap for any budding paragliding pilot. A progression Course just bridges this gap beautifully.

Paavana conditions are perfect for a Manoeuvres Clinic like this one. I have been conducting this Course for Club Pilots Saad and Ashish Singh this weekend and Ashish Gupta has signed up for the weekdays.With full-on SIV style briefings, we start gradually with Pitch Control & Roll control exercises till we fully crack it as it forms the bedrock of being able to do active-piloting like a pro. We then move on to A-line & B-line Stalls and further onto learning the glider dynamics of asymmetric collapses through various exercises built to prepare you to handle any kind of side-collapses with ease.I have additionally started introducing and training pilots who are doing this course to Wing-Overs. I help them build a solid foundation for wingovers and prepare them to practice them safely all by themselves without getting those large deflations due to wrong timing. I would continue to assist you in your Wing-Overs even after your Progression Course is over and continue to give you tips n tricks to master them.

I feel Wing-Overs is one manoeuver that every pilot should look forward to master. There is no greater feeling of exhilaration i know than diving & swooping through the sky carving beautiful symmetrical lines in the sky and enjoying the sensations of doing those super deep and rhythmic Wing-Overs, seeing your wing below you and the joy of you being over your wing.Its a great feeling you will realise when you see your own shadow on the undersurface of your wing and find yourself smiling gleefully to yourself. Its a great photo op as well 😉

We only have the last two months left of the Paavana Season, if there are no further lockdowns. So try n make the most of what’s left of the season. Please contact Shriya or your Mentor if you wish to book for a Progression/Basic SIV Course or a Kiting Clinic as conditions again are perfect by the lakeside for Kiting and Ground Handling. Please also contact your Mentor or myself if you need help with your APPI/ACI/FAI-IPPI license. I am also doing APPI 5 Advance Pilot/FAI-IPP 5 Rating Ground Handling and Flying Task Validation Exams for some Club Pilots nowadays at Paavana.

Keeping are fingers crossed for Bali Tour as we heard some good news in our TP Club Zoom yesterday from some reliable sources in the aviation industry that CAPA (Center for Aviation), predicts international travel to open by June-July21 period.Will keep you posted & updated regularly,Wishing happy flying for us all,Love n light n crazy flights 🙏💕

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