Redbull X-Alps

What is Redbull X-Alps?

It was in 1999 when Toni Bender’s first crossed Alps. His hiking and paragliding adventure feat caught the eye of the world and renowned Austrian pilot Hannes Arch. The inspired pilot along with his long-time friend Ulrich Grill had idea that this incredible feats of Toni Bender’s could be made into a competition for the most determined individuals on the planet. Redbull came in thats when the Idea was further developed is what it is today an unparalleled test of human endurance in the form of an adventure race in. Red Bull X-Alps come to life in 2003.

The first inaugural edition of the race format was simple. A total of 17 top athletes set out from the Dachstein Glacier in the south of Salzburg and raced their way down to Monaco on the Mediterranean Sea. Along the way, they checked in at two mandatory turnpoints; Verbier in Switzerland and Mont Gros in France.

Since then we have seen 9 thrilling editions of Redbull X-Alps and 10th to come in 2021 the race has gone from strength to strength.

In 2019 Last X-Alps, competitors covered around  1,138km across 6 countries of alpine terrain, sometimes racing through the night to gain an advantage. The field of 32 adventurers, which saw two female athletes for the first time since 2015.

Why the toughest race?

The race only gets more competitive every edition as the international athletes go head to head in the battle for glory facing challenging conditions like never before in the history of the race. Carrying a 10kg rucksack, hike 2,000m up a mountain, fly for several hours through complicated weather systems and over treacherous terrain , land at run for turn point every day for almost two weeks. Makes it the world’s toughtest adventure race. No other race is as physically and mentally demanding and also requires such a high level of expert technical skill for such a sustained length of time.

Next Redbull X-Alps Race starts June 20, 2021

Race : Athletes hike and fly across the Alps, navigating their way up and over the mountains via several Turnpoints. It’s a straightline distance of more than 1,000km but athletes can expect to cover double that during the race. One thing that is fixed: every kilometer must be covered either on foot or by paraglider.

Facts :

On average only 14% of competitors make it to the float in the Mediterranean Sea.

Since 2013 athletes have the option of a ‘Night Pass’, which allows athletes one opportunity to hike through the night. The three top-placed athletes of the Prologue will receive an additional ‘Night Pass’.

Next Race Starts 20th June 2020.

Red Bull X-Alps is uniquely suited to following live. Thanks to Live Tracking, you can see all the action unfold as it happens. Follow your favorite athlete, check out their distances, rankings, 3D flight tracks and more.

Watch Redbull X-Alps 2019 :

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