Have Wings, Will Fly 
See our beautiful World
From high above in the Sky !

This is the song of Paragliding Pilots & they are happiest travelling & getting to fly in the most diverse of landscapes & destinations.
Wagga Flying & playing in the sky at Al Fayah Flying Site in Sharjah has been an other worldly experience for our Club pilots. Camping under the starry night cover in the desert, bare feet Kiting on the dunes, soaring high to see the endless sands of Arabia spreading far out till the horizon, artistically fashioned dunes by the winds, strolling herds of camels, racing up in a buggy to the takeoff on a 60 degree slope, borne fires in chilly evenings, meeting pilot friends & making new one’s from around the world, the funniest of pilot stories to share & a hundred other things that make for such experiences that enrich our lives in ways we will never know.
Big Thanks to EAF (Emirates Aerosport Federation) & our Local star pilots Hany & Salem for such an exquisite & unique flying experience.

Kiting to the Takeoff
Pilot taking off
Pilots in the morning in front of desert camp
Club Pilots ready to fly

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